Clean Development Projects Limited: activities in Asia

Project 1 is in South Asia. There working with local and international partners, CDPL will implement an integrated National bioenergy plan. In a multi-pronged approach the Company will develop agricultural and engineering solutions for bioenergy production.

CDP will work with local farmers to produce biofuels without displacing crops. In larger plantings, the approach will be designed to facilitate rehabilitation of 6 million acres of degraded 'desertified' lands.

The crop yielded will both be used in biodiesel production for road transport and off road plant and in electricity generation. Power will be supplied both to on 'grid' and 'off grid' consumers by larger installation supplying the national grid network and smaller units delivering power to isolated settlements.

LATEST: One of CDP's directors was interviewed by Jessica Mills-Davies of Clean Energy Pipeline, an online magazine, about the Pakistan project. The published article is here LINK.

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