Clean Development Projects Limited: the technologies we are developing and offering

Clean Development Projects is deeply committed to the provision of clean energy as well as sustainable security in food, water, health and employment. To those ends the company is actively developing several technologies and solutions:

  • Water: CDP's Monsoon Project was initially developed to recover water used in industrial processes, separating the contaminates as a dried substrate, recovering 100% of the water embodied in the effluent. That technology is now being applied to mine and process tailings, municipal waste water and desalination. The multi-step process is 100% renewably powered.

  • Energy 1: Looking at our own projects and the technologies available to generate power, the company's team saw a need for an efficient technology to harness the many kilowatts of low temperature heat energy lost from traditional thermal technologies. We are currently developing a ground breaking solid state technology (SSE) which promises to greatly boost the thermal efficiency of all our projects and clean the emissions of the geothermal power plants of the future.

    LATEST: One of CDP's directors was interviewed by Jessica Mills-Davies of Clean Energy Pipeline, an online magazine, about the SSE technology project. The published article is here LINK.

  • Energy 2: In exploring the available technologies for the conversion of solid biomass into usable energy the CDP technical team have evaluated many technologies. In this process we identified the best offerings and will be collaborating with these to deliver highly efficient and clean biomass to energy systems.

In addition to the above, the expanded Group is investing in health care initiatives including the development of proprietary drugs to combat MS, HIV, AIDS and many other afflictions.

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