Clean Development Projects Limited: carbon development and trading

It is now acknowledged by most that greenhouse gas (GHG's) emissions are the driving force behind global warming and that anthropogenic global warming is an inescapable fact. Given the above, we need to do something.

Clean Development Projects is developing a number of projects including green energy technologies and large agri-energy projects with the sole aim of reducing man's GHG emissions and also capturing carbon from the atmosphere (ex-CO2) for sequestration.

On top of the above direct efforts we are also working with partners and clients to develop the carbon reduction certificates due to their projects. When issued, these certs can be traded for funds which aid in developing the projects.

If you are developing a project which promises to capture carbon and/or make an emission reduction from the norm, we can help to raise carbon finance for your project. Email us or complete the quotation form linked below for more information.

Once certificates are raised, CDP and our parent Group can help realize the funds available via those certificates. All certificated carbon tonnes traded by CDP and our Group are all retired: not to be traded on, the carbon savings are permanent.

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