Clean Development Projects Limited: activities in North, Central and South America

Project 3 is in Latin America. The partners there are combining waste to energy with bioenergy for added efficiency. The project design calls for the cultivation of Jatropha curcas and other oleiferous trees on unused farmland by local agricultural partners.

Between the rows of trees the local farmers and growers will cultivate traditional food crops such as traditional varieties of maize (corn). This will help to redress the local shortages of these foodstuffs and add to the income of the workers.

The fuel will be derived as both an oil and solid biomass. The oil will be combusted using CDP partner's technology in diesel engines and the energy rich seed-cake along with wood cut from the trees will be added to the waste to energy plant.

CDP will assist in the development of the agriculture, seed process and combustion engineering. Further, CDP expertise will assist in the sustainability scoring of the project with a goal of attracting carbon offsetting certificates as these are applicable.

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