Clean Development Projects Limited: Chairman's Letter

Brian de Thorpe Millard
Dear Reader,

As a businessman I have long felt the need to make business clean, green and socially responsible. At the same time I knew that business needs to make money. In 2011 I established Global Precious Commodities PLC to become a new role model of corporate responsibility enabling many business sectors for the first time to be both clean and profitable.

To achieve the above I knew we had to purchase carbon credits, an industry I know well having established and operated a successful carbon business, to offset the GPC footprint. Further I wanted to be proactive and so turned to my friend, the founder of CDP. In February this year GPC acquired majority control of CDP and began to finance and expand CDP.

My driving ethos for CDP is to develop and deliver sustainable projects in bioenergy and alternative energy, carbon and technology development. Their bioenergy projects in Africa, Asia and the Americas will replace dirty energy sources or provide clean supplementary energy while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

CDP is to develop its carbon business: assisting project developers in realising carbon credits. The carbon team has expertise in CERs, VERs and REDD standards as well as the Gold Standard methodologies. Our new and corporate incubator technologies have much potential with cutting edge technologies.

Best regards,
Brian de Thorpe Millard,

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