Clean Development Projects Limited: about the company

Clean Development Projects Limited began trading in October 2010 with the remit of developing the international trade hived off from her mother company as they went through corporate modifications. In April 2012 CDP became part of the Global Precious Commodities PLC Group with the purpose of developing that Group's sustainability interests and enhancing the sustainability of the Group's mining activities.

The company's board of directors is headed by Chairman, Brian P de Thorpe Millard who has lectured and written extensively on sustainability issues and developed sustainable energy enterprises. CDP was founded by the present Managing Director, Neil Faulkner who is trained as an avian ecologist and has worked for many years in sustainability sciences and botanical horticulture. The Operations Director, Parvez Hamid, has since completing his computer science, business management and marketing degrees spent many years developing the product range and production for a fuel science company: a patented combustion enhancer product for liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

In addition to the company's own expertise the company talented reservoir of contractors and consultants in management, science and engineering as within its extensive global network.

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