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Meeting East African delegation

Last night we met with a delegation from a regional development organization and government from East Africa. The meeting centered on the expansion of the Country's extant plantings of Jatropha curcas.

The people are investing in a massive re-forestation project to restore and rehabilitate the woodlands damaged, depleted or simply removed for farmland. The statistics are incredible with many thousands of local people giving freely of their will, labor and time.

They have realized that the hillside forests benefit the valley bottom settlements and those downstream on the lowland plains by reducing flash floods, soil erosion and landslides as well as brining rains, enhancing moisture retention, enriching and recharging groundwater supplies and providing fuel as well as food. The planting scheme also allows for the rejuvenation of trees suppressed by over grazing and other agricultural pressures.

To date 137 million tees have been planted on 24000 hectares. Now they want CDP Limited to assist in commercializing the established plantings and expanding with new. The project demands careful design: we need to continue to bolster local biodiversity, ensure robustness in the plants selected and keep maintenance requirements to a minimum. All this needs to be done with a minimal carbon footprint.

In addition to the above developments Clean Development Projects will be assisting the local development organizers in applying for VCS certification of the project.

Oils and other biomass produced are expected to be used in a variety of ways. We are exploring biodiesel, power generation and industrial energy applications. We are excited by the opportunity to enable the remote villages to generate power from their own bioenergy crops.

We will keep you posted on developments. If you want to be involved or ask our assistance, please email

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