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"The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) study"

The UN biodiversity conference in Nagoya, Japan has released a significant report detailing the value of global and local biodiversity to mankind, in terms of human life and business. Significantly the report assigns monetary values to various aspects of biodiversity.

The elemental principles behind such appraisals are central to Clean Development Projects work. We have always taken a view that sustainability is not just about greenhouse gas emissions.

Where we have an input into the design of a bioenergy plantation project we insist on strategies that enhance the local biodiversity. We look from the microscopic soil ecosystems through to the higher food web.

A number of the VCS and CDM methodologies include an appraisal of the local biodiversity and biomass. Projects are not to negatively impact these ecological aspects. Our goal is to enhance them, especially in areas degraded by previous human activity.

CDP Limited designed planting and plant husbandry designs utilize old fashioned companion planting and co-cropping to improve local biodiversity. Pristine native ecosystems are to be left pristine, not plowed up or even added to for bioenergy needs.

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